WICHITA, Kan. – After consumer research conducted by Cargill indicated that freshness and protein content are priorities among retail meat consumers, the processing company announced the launch of a new ground beef packaging strategy. Cargill’s Our Certified line of ground beef features chub packaging that calls out the product’s key attributes, specifically that the package contains fresh, ground beef that offers 18 grams of protein per serving.

According to recent research from Nielsen, many consumers are unaware of the high protein content of beef compared to many other non-meat sources of protein competing for share of consumers’ diets. Calling out beef’s nutritional attributes is the primary goal of the messaging on the chub packaging Cargill is highlighting, calling the format one “that doesn’t typically get a lot of attention yet is an important part of virtually every retailer’s product mix and consumer’s grocery baskets.”Cargill chub packaging

In a study that included thousands of beef consumers, Cargill’s beef research concluded revealed that color and texture are significant factors motivating consumers’ buying habits, and 90 percent of those surveyed consider it an important factor, followed by price, product grade and country of origin. 

According to Cargill Protein: “Consumers stated the freshness of the meat they purchase is key. In addition, the survey revealed that 67 percent of consumers find ‘18 grams of protein’ more motivating to purchase than ‘excellent source of protein,’ showcasing the desire to better understand the amount of protein a product contains.”

As part of its development of the new packaging, Cargill conducted interviewed consumers on their mobile devices while they shopped in retail stores where beef chub packages were merchandised to ensure real-time responses. 

“We were able to obtain the most actionable feedback which directly impacted the new package designs,” according to the company.