EDGERTON, Ohio – Farm and food company Cooper Farms announced on April 29 that it opened its first hog farm in Williams County, Ohio. The facility named Grand Republic Sow Farm will house 6,000 sows that will give birth to 150,000 piglets a year. The new farm will create 20 new full-time jobs in Northwest Ohio.

“We have had the opportunity to grow our hog division, which led us to the construction of this new sow farm,” said Jim Cooper, CEO of Cooper Farms. “We will also be working with over 30 local farmers to raise the hogs from this farm.”

Grand Republic Sow Farm will use group pen gestation for sow housing and an electronic feeding system. The company said this allows the sows to move freely in a group setting while providing individual feeding information about each sow. Electronic tags on the animal will provide information about how much each sow drinks and eats allowing the farm team to tend to each sows’ needs.

“This farm has a real focus on efficiency and animal care,” said Kevin Stuckey, sow division manager. “New technology and small design changes throughout the farm will make a big difference.”

After construction is complete, Cooper Farms said the facility will be landfill-free and design adjustments will be made for improved energy efficiency. For team member safety the building has scales built into the legs of the feed bins allowing the mill to know feed volumes without having a person climb in a bin. An open house and ribbon cutting ceremony was held with almost 200 FFA members who toured the Grand Republic farm.