LOS ANGELES – California Pizza Kitchen Inc. has opened its first company-owned and operated restaurant in Shanghai, China. The company has opened its first international office that will assist CPK franchise partners in addition to supporting the company growth in China. Both initiatives are part of a long-term expansion strategy to broaden the company’s presence in Asia.

The new California Pizza Kitchen is located in the Sinan Mansions’ commercial area of the LuWan District. Located in the heart of Shanghai’s former French Concession, the LuWan District is the city’s latest entertainment and lifestyle hub.

“California Pizza Kitchen has been well received internationally, and we see a great opportunity to further expand the brand in one of the most robust economies in the world,” said Rick Rosenfield, co-founder and co-CEO of California Pizza Kitchen. “The presence of company-owned restaurants and an international office will allow us to provide better support for our franchise partners in India, Malaysia, Dubai and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.”

The open-exhibition kitchen allows guests to watch many menu items prepared in addition to several new dishes created to suit local tastes such as Red Curry Duck Pizza.

“We have always been known for our globally-inspired menu items,” said Larry Flax, co-founder and co-CEO of California Pizza Kitchen. “We are very excited about the new items we have created for the Shanghai menu and we look forward to introducing some of these items on our US menu in the future.”

California Pizza Kitchen Inc. is a leading casual dining chain offering hearth-baked pizzas, including the original BBQ Chicken Pizza, as well as pastas, salads, appetizers, soups, sandwiches and desserts. There are 267 CPK locations system-wide, including 211 company-owned locations.