ANN ARBOR, Mich.—Domino's Pizza, Inc. has been recognized by Guinness World Records after earlier this month, Ohio-based franchisee Brian Edler shattered the record for most medium pizzas made by a single person in one hour. Edler stretched, sauced, topped and baked 206 pizzas by the time the official stopwatch ran out.

Edler is the second Domino's Pizza franchisee this year to break a Guinness World Records record. Earlier this year, California-based franchisee Bob Leikam and his 85-person team set the record for most pizzas made in 24 hours at 6,838 pizzas.

"Both Brian and Bob are exemplary franchisees and outstanding business leaders – and the excitement generated by their record-breaking successes symbolizes the positive, fun and competitive people we are thrilled to have representing Domino's Pizza," said Scott Hinshaw, executive vice president of franchise operations and development. "Breaking a world record is a testament to their disciplined work ethic and skill at their craft, and I can't congratulate them enough. It's a thrill to have Domino's Pizza own two records in the pizza category."

Thanks to customer donations and the store donating 50% of the day's sales, more than $33,000 was collected for various local and national charities, including the United Way of Hancock County and City Mission of Findlay.

"It was incredibly exciting to be able to break a world record, especially on a monumental day at the end of such a fantastic year for Domino's," said Edler, who has been with the company for 28 years. "I had a wonderful team to help me train and prepare, and I want to thank the Domino's team members and the community members who came out that day for their support."

The previous record for most medium pizzas made by one person in an hour was 168. Edler auctioned off record-breaking pizza No. 169 to add to the fundraising total. It sold for $475. He also auctioned off pizza No. 200, which garnered $5,000.