WASHINGTON – As Major League Baseball kicks off the 2019 season this week, fans are flocking to stadiums across the country to root for their favorite teams while hot dog vendors brace for the seasonal spike in sales for their iconic food. More than 18.3 million hot dogs and 4 million sausages will be consumed by fans in 2019, according to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC).

“It’s easy to see why hot dogs and sausages have been stadium staples since the very beginning of Major League Baseball,” NHDSC President Eric Mittenthal said. “They are delicious, convenient and nostalgic. What would America’s pastime be without these most American of foods?”

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Dodgers Stadium are projected to sell 2.7 million hot dogs which will be the most of any team. The Chicago Cubs are in second at 1.2 million hot dogs.

The San Francisco Giants are expected to sell the most sausages in the league with 450,000. Cubs fans are not far behind with 400,000. NHDSC also reported that Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, will be the only place where sausage sales outpace hot dogs.

If baseball fans want to stray from the traditional hot dog, the updated MLB Hot Dog and Sausage Guide is available as well. 

“In 2019, hot dogs will continue to prove their versatility at ballparks nationwide with versions that reflect our dynamic culture and changing tastes,” Mittenthal said. “It’s exciting and mouth-watering to see new takes on old classics that definitely are not your granddad’s dog.”

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