WESTMINSTER, Colo. — Producers in the US bison industry report 2010 has been a record year for the segment. According to the National Bison Association, as of November, bison producers were receiving about $3.25 per lb. for slaughter bulls, which is approximately 35% higher than at the start of the year.

The association’s challenge moving forward is ensuring the bison supply keeps up with demand, said Dave Carter, executive director of the association. It has been working with ranchers and prospective buffalo producers to build herds. One benefit bison producers have over many of their livestock counterparts is the resiliency of the animals during cold weather.

“Winter blizzards and plummeting temperatures can be devastating for most types of domesticated livestock," Carter said. "Bison ranchers know that nature has equipped their animals to do just fine in driving snowstorms, and in sub-zero temperatures."