WASHINGTON – American adults will reportedly spend an average of $81.30 for the Super Bowl, according to an annual survey released by the National Retail Federation (NRF) and conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics. The survey predicts that close to $14.8 billion will be spent in total for the NFL’s championship game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

With millions of viewers planning on watching the game, some of the biggest beneficiaries will be foodservice establishments. Seventy-nine percent of those watching plan to buy food and beverages for their own parties or at bars and restaurants. The survey finds that 61 million adults plan to attend a party, 44 million will throw a party, and 13 million will watch in a bar or restaurant.

“You don’t have to be a football fan to celebrate the Super Bowl,” says NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay. “Whether it’s to see who wins, watch the halftime show and commercials, or just get together with friends, this is the biggest party since New Year’s Eve. Spending is expected to be at one of the highest levels we’ve seen.”

While the total amount spent for the Super Bowl is expected to be down from last year ($15.3 billion), the average spending would be up from last years $81.17 and would be the second-highest in the history of the NRF’s survey after the record of $82.19 in 2016.

“The numbers vary from year to year, but regardless of the economy, politics, or the weather, most Americans manage to take a break every year for the Super Bowl,” said Prosper Vice President of Strategy Phil Rist. “The big game is a day for big spending regardless of who plays or wins.”

One of the most popular items both at parties and at bars/restaurants during the Super Bowl is chicken wings. According to the National Chicken Council, a record 1.38 billion wings will be consumed that weekend. That total would be up two percent, or about 27 million wings, from 2018.