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American food culture today prioritizes customization to personal tastes and needs, especially through healthier, fresher, less processed food, at the same time there is growing desire for more convenience, variety and good value. This has disrupted the mealtime ritual and function of cooking dinner, according to “Transformation of the American Meal” from The Hartman Group, Bellevue, Washington. The report reveals how meal kits may help or hinder consumers in overcoming their mealtime challenges and meeting their goals.

“This fast-paced category continues to evolve in every aspect, from how and where meal kits are purchased to what’s included in the box,” according to Meagan Nelson, associate director-fresh growth and strategy team with Chicago-based Nielsen, who will be speaking on how meat processors can be active players in the category during the Annual Meat Conference 2019, in Dallas March 3-5.  

She will share insights from Nielsen’s second annual meal kit survey during a session scheduled at 10:15 a.m. on March 4. Highlights include the current market environment and trends, in-store sales performance and consumer preferences. The session will include a panel of industry experts who will share their thoughts on what the future holds for this ever-changing category.