KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Food Safety was a staple of the MEAT+POULTRY coverage in 2018. Our editors covered a variety of issues including how to control Listeria monocytogenes and E. coli cases in meat and poultry processing.

Editors also looked at public health issues and possible regulations for processors in the future. MEAT+POULTRY even tackled the question of the best way to prevent pests at plants.

Take a look at five food safety stories from 2018:

Pathogen Watch: Listeria

The incidence of Listeria monocytogenes has gone down considerably in the last 20 years.


Food safety fingerprinting

Whole genome sequencing is delivering positive results for public health.


Coming clean

Labor, regulation issues and a push for greater efficiencies fuel sanitation advances and technologies.


Buggin' Out

Exclusion and education provide best defense against pests.


Balancing prevention and detection

Processors continue searching for tools to help keep meat safe from E. coli contamination.