WASHINGTON – US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced that the agency is looking for people to apply for OneUSDA Internship program for Summer 2019.

According to the release by the US Dept. of Agriculture, OneUSDA internships, as part of the Federal Pathways Program, will give students work experience in agriculture, natural resources, rural development and other career fields.

 “The improvements we’re making to internships at USDA will enable us to recruit the best and retain the best,” said Secretary Perdue. “Today’s young people are the future of America and there are few things more American than agriculture. We’re aiming to find young talent, with a diverse background, across all 50 states, to begin their careers as interns with USDA.”

The OneUSDA internships are offered to students “currently enrolled in qualifying educational programs or institutions with a comprehensive developmental program intended to provide students with experience in a dynamic work environment that will enhance their educational goals and shape their career choices.”

US Dept. of Agriculture reported that more than 3,000 interns worked with the agency throughout the country in 2018.

In the Summer of 2019, USDA will hire Pathways Interns in hundreds of locations across every state in the country for the following occupational fields:

•    Veterinary Science

•    Biological Sciences (e.g., natural resources management forestry, wildlife biology, fish biology, ecology, botany, rangeland management, recreation)

•    Engineering

•    Agribusiness, Contracting, Procurement, and Industry

•    General Administration and Office Support

Students wanting an internship are encouraged to choose a geographic region preference and the career path that best matches their interests of professional development.

Interested parties can apply at www.usda.gov/interships and also follow the website to www.usajobs.gov to set up an account to apply for the internship.

USDA will start reviewing applications on Dec. 9, and the application window will close on Jan. 18, 2019.