WASHINGTON – The National Chicken Council announced a new website on Dec. 6 to help foodservice and culinary professionals gather more information about how the chicken they serve is raised and processed.

The NCC called the new website the Chicken Check In Foodservice. The trade association plans to provide information on how broiler chickens are raised and produced in the US including frequently asked questions, a glossary of chicken labeling term and other additional resources.

According to the NCC, restaurant workers are expected to know how the chicken on their menu was raised sustainably and humanely.

“Foodservice patrons are increasingly looking to operators to provide knowledgeable answers to their questions about the chicken they are eating out of home,” said Tom Super, spokesperson for the National Chicken Council. 

“The website gives those in the foodservice industry access to the facts and offers a closer look at conventional broiler chickens, their lives and the steps that are taken along the way to help ensure that foodservice operators can serve chicken with confidence. Knowing the basics and making staff aware of this resource during employee training can go a long way toward ensuring that you satisfy customer curiosity.”

The National Chicken Council continues to operate the Chicken Check In program. That website is geared toward consumers gathering similar information about broiler chickens.