PHILADELPHIA – Dietz & Watson, a leading processor of premium deli meat and cheese, announced an extended line of organic, no-antibiotics-ever snack items.

The company will focus on meat options including high-protein charcuterie snacks and beef jerky under its “Originals” labeling.

The Originals Organic Beef Jerky come in 2.5-oz. resalable pouches. The jerky is available in four flavors including chipotle, pepper, teriyaki and classic beef jerky.

Dietz & Watson also has classic proteins like no antibiotics ever Italian meat. Included in that line are a truffle salami, sopressata, pepper salami, chorizo, genoa salami and an herb de provence salami.

Finishing out the line is 4-oz. packs of meat and cheese medallions and mini paninos that include peperoni, genoa salami or prosciutto wrapped over mozzarella cheese.

Dietz & Watson said the raw materials are sourced from farms where animals are treated with dignity and respect and are allowed to grow at a natural rate without routine use of antibiotics.

“One of the main reasons for our success over the past 75 years has been our ability to not only react to consumer demands, but to anticipate them, so we worked hard on perfecting the Originals product line for years,” said Louis Eni, president and CEO of Dietz & Watson. “There is still a lot of ongoing research into antibiotic use in livestock and its effect on resistant bacteria in humans, but regardless of where the science takes us, there is no question that consumers are interested in ABF and organic products.”