ST. LOUIS — Earlier this year, Panera Bread announced that it had expanded delivery to customers across the United States through the Panera app or website. The company has announced the next phase of its delivery expansion, which includes breakfast delivery in 231 cities nationwide.

Available through the app or website, Panera’s breakfast delivery offers customers an alternative to waiting in line for food or coffee. A total of 381 restaurants throughout the country initially will offer the service, including locations in Chicago, Dallas, Nashville, St. Louis and Minneapolis. Panera plans to offer the service in an additional 30 stores by the end of 2018.

“Since we launched Panera delivery, guests have been asking ‘what about breakfast?’ We’re all looking for an easier way to get a better breakfast as we start our day,” said Blaine E. Hurst, CEO of Panera. “Panera is uniquely suited to meet this need — the convenience of our digital properties and our great service provide a better experience for wholesome food, delivered any time of day.”

Panera uses its own drivers to make deliveries, as opposed to using third-party services like UberEats or GrubHub. Customers within an eight-minute drive time of participating cafes can order breakfast delivery for as little as a $5 menu purchase plus a delivery fee. Panera hopes that delivery will have a positive impact on its breakfast sales, as it has with other products.

“Delivery is fueling our next phase of growth, and the success we have seen so far is exciting,” Hurst said. “The combination of providing clean food options via an entirely digital experience is giving us a real advantage, and the momentum is just beginning.”