KANAWHA, Texas – The founders of Hippie Cow Beef are banking on several consumer trends to support their business plan. Founders Nikki Carr and Parker Flannery are appealing to environmentally conscious consumers willing to pay a premium for what they say is healthier beef that is sourced from cattle raised using sustainable grazing practices while offering the convenience of home delivery.

“Mob grazing” is a practice the company utilizes in an effort to preserve pastures in the US. The company strives to distinguish itself from livestock raised in feedlots, which it believes is harmful to the animals and the environment.

“I learned about 'mob' or rotational grazing while working on one of the largest beef ranches in Australia,” said Flannery, co-founder of Hippie Cow who is also a horse trainer. “This allowed me to see first-hand the benefits of nomadic herd feeding.”

Carr and Flannery, who started the company earlier this year, say their practice of free-range grazing and continuously moving herds to new grassland by horseback is designed to replicate the traditional methods of beef production used by cowboys in previous generations. According to the company, “Every single 'Hippie Cow' will mature on the ranch's pristine acreage, making contact only with humans and horses – never hormones or GMO feed.”

The company’s products are sold online at https://hippiecowbeef.com/ and a portion of each sale goes to support Heroes and Horses, which supports military veterans.