WASHINGTON – Many Americans will rely on restaurants this Thanksgiving by ordering a carryout celebratory meal and eat it at home. More than half of consumers (53%) use restaurant-prepared takeout items for all or part of their Thanksgiving Day meals, according to National Restaurant Association research.

Americans are incorporating ready-to-eat dishes into their Thanksgiving dinners, from complete holiday feasts and turkeys or hams to side dishes and desserts.

Year-round, 78% of American adults say going to restaurants with family and friends is a better use of leisure time than cooking at home.

While some restaurants are closed on Thanksgiving Day, many remain open to serve guests who want to celebrate the holiday outside of the home. More than one in 10 Americans (11%) celebrate Thanksgiving by dining in one of the nation's 945,000 restaurants, NRA research reveals.

More than nine out of 10 restaurants are actively engaged in community service throughout the year. Providing meals to those in need is a common way restaurants give back to their neighbors during the holiday season. Many donate food to anti-hunger organizations and soup kitchens, or serve charitable meals in their own dining rooms.