OAKWOOD, Ga. – Sam’s Club stores in 19 states are making room in their meat departments for a new, fully cooked premium chicken product from Wayne Farms. The Naked Truth Premium Chicken brand’s Flame Grilled Chicken Breasts are cooked using sous vide technology and sourced from producers in southeast Alabama that are certified by the Global Animal Partnership (GAP).

Packages at Sam’s stores will include six, 5 oz. chicken breasts that are individually wrapped, frozen and feature authentic grill marks, according to Wayne Farms. With product claims such as vegetarian-fed, farm raised and no nitrites, nitrates or artificial ingredients, the chicken can be served cold or warmed without drying out, which is a benefit of sous vide cooking. The company states the new product capitalizes on its foodservice-focused expertise and offers restaurant-quality chicken to retail customers.

“This product provides more than just an amazing culinary experience,” said Tom Bell, vice president and general manager of prepared foods at Wayne Farms. “It also offers responsibility, transparency, and all of the features that premium chicken products should offer.”

The brand’s GAP Step 2 rating is part of Wayne Farms’ commitment to maintaining high animal welfare standards and practices. As part of that commitment, beginning in 2019, the Naked Truth brand will also utilize chicken that is slaughtered using Controlled Atmosphere Stunning technology.