AUSTIN, Texas — Epic Provisions, a meat snack-based subsidiary of General Mills Inc., announced it is including the Land to Market Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) seal on its products to promote the company’s commitment to supporting regenerative agriculture. Epic’s Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Beef Bites will be the first product to carry the EOV seal and is available for purchase online. 

The Land to Market program, which is a partnership between Epic and the Savory Institute, sources regenerative solutions for food and fiber industries.

“Everything we do at Epic Provisions is rooted in our mission to fuel a food production system that fosters a healthier, more responsible relationship with our bodies, our animals, and our planet,” said Epic co-founder Taylor Collins. “We've never been more excited about our ability to create a net positive return to the planet and our consumers through Land to Market. We've been alongside the Savory Institute since we founded Epic.”

The Savory Institute stated that Epic can identify suppliers who share similar regenerative agriculture ideas through as part of the new program. The Savory Institute’s mission is to regenerate the world’s grasslands through holistic management.

“We are so proud that Epic Provisions will be the first brand to feature the Ecological Outcome Verification seal on one of our products,” said Chris Kerston, Savory's director of market engagement and public outreach. “Through Land to Market, we can formally integrate a net positive impact on the land into our established sourcing commitment and give people the power to vote with their dollars to support producers who are actively working to combat the greatest ecological challenges of our time."

According to Epic, the EOV protocol in the Land to Market program is science-based with scalable land assessment methodology that tracks outcomes in biodiversity, soil health, and ecosystem function, such as water infiltration and soil carbon content. After receiving verification, farms can enter the regenerative supplier roster, which brands and retailers can access.

Regenerative practices mentioned in the release include planned grazing of livestock, cover crops, diverse crop rotations, and perennial crops among others. 

Epic Provisions was founded in 2013 and then acquired by General Mills in early 2016 for an undisclosed sum. Co-founders Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest continue to lead the business in Austin.