GRANBY, Quebec – CSN, a national trade union organization, successfully organized employees at a Burger King restaurant in Granby, Quebec, and vowed it’s only the beginning of their efforts to organize foodservice workers across Canada.

CSN said 15 employees have unionized and are negotiating their first collective agreement. The Burger King in Granby is owned by Redberry Franchise Corp.

“It was the workers who contacted us to improve their working conditions,” said David Bergeron-Cyr, president of the restaurant employees union division of CSN. “They experienced many frustrations, including the inequity in the distribution of schedules, but also the promise to hire to work 40 hours a week, never done. The union is fighting for regular hours, fair distribution of hours, group insurance and a better salary.”

CSN officially launched the Union of Foodservice Employees (SER-CSN). The organization already represents approximately 2,000 employees working in catering in the hotel and tourism sectors.

“We are convinced that the unacceptable conditions of Burger King workers in Granby are similar to those of thousands of food service workers,” Bergeron-Cyr said. “There are many improvements to be made, and in a context of labor shortage, employees have undeniable advantages to negotiate good conditions.”