SÃO PAULO, Brazil – Seara Alimentos, a unit of JBS S.A., announced the launch of the company’s Seara 100% Natural line of poultry products.

The line features Halal-certified chicken parts from birds that have international animal welfare certification and are raised without antibiotics and fed a special vegetable-based feed. Seara 100% Natural was selected to be part of SIAL Innovation Selection Paris 2018, a major food trade show and exhibition.

Seara developed the product line exclusively for the Middle East and will start selling the products in November in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. The company first launched the Seara 100% Natural line in Brazil under the brand Seara DaGranja.

“Seara has been growing in the Middle East in recent years through alliances with important partners in multiple distribution channels,” said Guillermo Henderson, managing director of Seara in MENA (Middle East and North Africa). “The company’s goal is to strengthen these relationships through products and innovations that meet local needs and preferences, aligned with global trends. Therefore, Seara’s launchings for SIAL 2018 were developed exclusively for the Middle East with products that attest to the company's commitment to the Q of Quality, from the farm to the table of consumers.”

Marcos Delorenzo, director of Marketing and New Business Development at Seara MENA, said Dubai will be the first market outside of Brazil to receive the Seara 100% Natural poultry products. “Before starting to export to the Middle East, Seara tested products and concepts with local consumers, and the results were very promising,” Delorenzo said. “Our objective is to bring constantly more innovation and variety to our portfolio in the MENA region.”

The company also is exhibiting Seara Perfect Cuts, another new poultry line that offers premium hand-cut chicken parts that the company says are ideal for preparing traditional Middle Eastern recipes.