WASHNGTON – For the month of September, US chicken exports showed only modest slips in quantity and value compared with September 2009, according to the National Chicken Council.

September exports were 319,220 metric tons valued at $332.74 million compared with 321,081 tons valued at $338.49 million a year earlier, a 0.6% decline in quantity and a 1.7% drop in value. Broiler parts were 301,892 tons valued at $299.51 million in September 2010, off 0.7% in quantity and down 1.6% in value. Whole chicken exports exhibited counter-flow strength by increasing 8.3% in quantity and rising 6.4% in value on a year-over-year comparison. Prepared chicken and sausages decreased 9.6% in quantity and decreased 7.3% in value when September 2010 is compared with September 2009.

Chicken exports totaled 2,493,668 metric tons valued at $2,694.87 million compared with 2,788,706 tons valued at $2,900.73 million during January-September 2009, a 10.6% decrease in quantity and a 7.1% decrease in value, for the first three-quarters of 2010. Broiler parts reflected the overall chicken category experience during January-September this year with a 10.6% decline in quantity and a 7.3% decrease in value. Whole chickens and prepared chicken and sausage exports also registered decreases in quantities and values.

In terms of export markets for broiler parts in September 2010, Russia once again became the leading country of destination as a number of U.S. poultry plants received Russian approval in late August to resume shipments. Almost 38,000 metric tons of broiler parts valued at $32.44 million were exported to Russia this September, a 41.9% decrease in quantity and a 54.3% decrease in value when compared with September 2009. Mexico and Hong Kong were relatively close as the second- and third-largest parts markets. Parts to Mexico were 34,714 tons valued at $28.63 million, an increase of 15.6% in quantity and 19.2% in value over September last year.

The total for Hong Kong was 34,291 tons valued at $45.25 million this September, showing impressive gains of 112.5% in quantity and 234.7% in value compared with September 2009.