SEATTLE – Craft meat company Crowd Cow intends to give its customers tastes of meat from around the world. The next beef products the company plans to feature will be sourced from Westmore Pastoral on the Australian island state of Tasmania.

Crowd Cow said that cows in Westmore Pastoral live a “stress-free lifestyle on thousands of acres of pastures.”

Westmore produces animals that are part of the Greenham’s Certified Humane and “Never Ever” program, which means they are 100 percent grass-fed and finished, pasture-raised, never confined, with no added hormones or antibiotics.

“We are literally going to the other side of the planet to find the best craft meats from outstanding independent producers,” said Crowd Cow co-founder Ethan Lowry. “Westmore Pastoral’s monopoly on the best grass grown in the region means their beef is full of rich beefy flavors with a crisp, clean finish. We want to share those mouthwatering flavors with our customers.”

Crowd Cow already works with ranchers and farmers in Japan, Argentina, Spain and Italy to provide its customers with options from all over the globe. The company also connects with more than 100 independent farmers and craft meat producers in the US.

“We believe that the best craft meats can be found in different locations around the world,” said co-founder Joe Heitzeberg. “When we announced our national launch, we wanted to prove that we are committed to helping everyone discover the world of craft meats. Later, we brought exquisite, world-class Wagyu from Japan for our customers to enjoy. Now, we're ready to bring more international delicacies to US customers, starting with mouthwatering craft beef from Tasmania.”