WASHINGTON – In the near future, Russia is expected to officially announce the global tariff rate quota (TRQ) for poultry for 2011 will be 350,000 metric tons, 55% below the TRQ of the 780,000 tons for 2010, according to Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, the Nov. 24 edition of the National Chicken Council’s Washington Report stated.

Last year’s quota share allocated to the US was originally set at 600,000 tons or 77% of the global TRQ. About mid-year, Russia re-assigned 150,000 tons of the US quota to other eligible countries. Zubkov apparently did not indicate what share, if any, of the TRQ for 2011 would be allocated to the US. With US exports of poultry to Russia resuming in September this year, it is expected that about 225,000 tons of US poultry will be exported to Russia during September to early December 2010.

Russia’s TRQs for pork and beef for 2011 will be left unchanged from this year at 472,000 tons and 530,000 tons, respectively, Zubkov indicated. USA Poultry & Egg Export Council consultant in Moscow and the USDA Agricultural Counselor in Moscow both attempted last week to no avail to obtain official confirmation of the Zubkov report.

NCC’s contact with the US Trade Representatives Office (USTR) last week also advised that the US government has not received any official communication regarding the poultry and meat TRQs for 2011 and beyond.