CHICAGO – Tyson Innovation Lab’s Yappah brand continues to fight food waste with another new flavor of chicken crisp, Chicken Michelada. The company launched a three-week Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign running from Sept. 24 through Oct. 15 to showcase the new flavor. The campaign follows the previous partnership with Indiegogo that introduced the first four chicken crisp flavors in June of this year.

Tyson believes consumers and partnerships with other like-minded companies play a key role in addressing food waste. Molson Coors, provider of the spent grain used in the three beer flavors, and Naturex, provider of the vegetable puree for the veggie flavors have been integral partners in the Yappah brand launch.

“We could not have developed the Chicken Crisps or test launched them without the collaboration of partners like Molson Coors, Naturex, Indiegogo and the great cooperation of Kickstarter,” said Rizal Hamdallah, who heads the group that created the Yappah brand and the chicken crisps. “We will continue to seek out partners, large and small, who have resources and goals that complement our own.”

Yappah chef, Kang Kuan, former sous chef of the Michelin award-winning French Laundry Restaurant and veteran of the restaurant Morimoto, used the popular Mexican drink, made with beer, lime juice and assorted sauces and spices, as inspiration for the flavor. He used spent grains from Molson Coors and chicken breast meat from Tyson. Each can of crisps contains 8 grams of protein and is recyclable.

“The Yappah brand mission is unique, important and far-reaching,” Hamdallah said. “The brand was created to inspire people and partners to rethink their relationship to food and how it impacts society. Through this Kickstarter campaign, we again are encouraging everyone to support efforts to address global food challenges such as food waste.”