LOS ANGELES – The Original Pet Food Company’s complete line of dog and cat meals made from organic, grass-fed beef has been launched. "With the sustainable, organic, grass-fed beef revolution well underway, we believe it's high time for the same quality meats to make their way from the dinner plate to the pet bowl," said Melissa McGinnis, the host of hit Web series Greenopolis TV and founder of Original Pet Food Company.

McGinnis said she is on a mission to bring humane and sustainable agriculture practices to the $47 billion pet food industry. Pet food made from organic, grass-fed beef promotes better pet health, environmental responsibility and economic vitality, she said.

Original Pet Food Company is made using grass-fed beef from Uruguay. Cattle graze on the grasslands of Uruguay and are not confined to feedlots. The cows are raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. The meat is cooked once for optimum flavor and nutrition and no synthetic colors or flavors are added.

Other flavors include chicken and fish that are also free of artificial hormones and fillers. These products are available at independent pet supply retailers in California and Nevada, with more states to be added in early 2011.