ATLANTA – Buffalo Wild Wings is going long with a fantasy football promotion and a TV and radio advertising campaign with a theme of “Escape to Football,” which features a football-focused menu as well as $5 non-chicken specials on Thursday through Monday throughout the NFL season.

Additionally, Draftkings is partnering with the wing eatery’s restaurants to offer diners an in-store, app-based fantasy football competition that begins Sept. 9 and awards weekly winners with gift cards and rewards points during each week of the 2018-2019 season. 

Among the $5 offerings, the sports-themed restaurant chain will offer diners the non-wing options of a bratwurst and fries or a cheeseburger and fries as well as drink specials. The Escape to Football campaign begins Aug. 30 and promotes BWW as the ideal place to be to watch football, despite other obligations and distractions.

“We’ve all been there — it’s game day and we’re stranded somewhere, instead of watching the game live. It’s a painful, almost helpless feeling for any true fan,” said Seth Freeman, chief marketing officer.  “The new creative celebrates the reality that a game should be enjoyed with friends, surrounded by TVs, great food and cold beer.”