DAKOTA DUNES, S.D. – Tyson Foods subsidiary, Tyson Fresh Meats, announced on Aug. 14 that it would become the first processor to license the Progressive Beef program, which focuses on cattle management and sustainability for feedlot operators.

Manhattan, Kansas-based Beef Marketing Group runs the Progressive Beef program. The group helps heighten accountability and transparency through a verification system that involves USDA-approved auditors.

“We know that by licensing the Progressive Beef program, we will begin to reshape how we do business,” said Chad Martin, senior vice president of beef at Tyson Fresh Meats. “We welcome others to join us in raising the standard so we can all confidently address consumers concerns.”

The feedyards certified in the program focus efforts in three categories: cattle care, food safety and environmental sustainability. They are also verified twice per year. Each audit comes with a report card and metrics of how to improve the feedlot.

“We are pleased to have Tyson Fresh Meats join us in our effort to grow the number of certified feedyards and therefore increase the pool of cattle available under this program,” said John Butler, CEO of Progressive Beef LLC. 

The license will also allow Tyson Fresh Meats to work with their customers to create a higher confidence level with this beef program. 

“Now more than ever, consumers are demanding to know more about the beef they buy,” said Steve Stouffer, president of Tyson Fresh Meats, “We want to not only help our customers answer questions from consumers, but also help the beef industry address these questions.”