QUEBEC CITY – The government of Canada granted C$300,000 to Abattoir Zampini Inc. for a new slaughter line for large animals, mainly cattle over 30 months of age and cull cows. Zampini supplies beef, veal, poultry and other meats to retailers.

The project will include new animal receiving and holding areas in addition to new equipment.

“This project responds to a regional need, since the supply of culled cattle to be slaughtered far exceeds the slaughter capacity of the Lanaudière and neighboring regions,” said Lise Thériault, Minister responsible for the Lanaudière region. “By promoting the productivity and competitiveness of Abattoir Zampini Inc., the Québec government is investing in the region’s economy and prosperity. This is excellent news for all Lanaudois and Lanaudoises.”

The investment comes as part of the Regional Slaughterers Competitiveness Support Program (PACAR), which supports the sustainability and competitiveness of slaughterhouses and groups of producers, processors or contractors generating a turnover of C$100 million or less.

“The prosperity of bio-food businesses is a priority for our government. In this regard, the second focus of Bioenergy Policy 2018-2025 – Feeding Our World is precisely to support business investment to help make it prosperous, sustainable and innovative,” said Laurent Lessard, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. “I also note that this investment is part of the ministerial commitment to see companies in the bio-food sector make investments of C$15 billion by 2025.”