PROVO, Utah – A joint patent has been applied for by Morinda Agricultural Products Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Morinda Holdings Inc., and a sister company to Tahitian Noni International, with the University of Arkansas Department of Animal Sciences to use noni puree as a food ingredient. The patent application is the result of findings in a recent study conducted at the University of Arkansas showing that noni puree added to ground beef decreases rapid brown discoloration and extends the shelf-life of the meat.

While slightly discolored meat is safe to consume, research has shown that when it has at least 30% of discoloration, consumers are less likely to buy it. When 5% noni is added to the ground beef, the antioxidant properties of the noni fruit act to inhibit the oxidation process in the meat and allow it to remain red for a longer period of time.

“The discovery that Tahitian noni puree helps to keep ground beef looking fresher for longer periods of time is an amazing discovery,” said Bryant Wadsworth, managing director, Morinda Agricultural Products. “We are extremely grateful to have been able to work with the University of Arkansas to not only further the scientific research on the benefits of the noni fruit, but to discover an all-natural, healthy solution that will literally save retail stores millions of dollars each year–savings that can also be passed on to the consumer.”

Noni puree used in the study was from Tahiti, where it grows in abundance — and it is the number-one agricultural export of French Polynesia. It is all-natural, organic and safe — and has recently been found to contain 12 specific iridoids. Iridoids are dynamic compounds that provide a wide range of bioactivity in humans. They have been studied by scientists for more than 50 years and have been linked to over two dozen real health benefits–thus making noni one of the healthiest fruits available.