LONDON – Jim Paice, Agriculture Minister, welcomed news on the the agreement reached for the Principles of Country-of-Origin Labeling code, which he claims will make British consumers the best informed in Europe when it comes to the origin of their meat and dairy products. Made amongst key organizations from the food industry, the agreement will spread good practices throughout the industry when labeling food with the country of its origin.

“This industry code will give consumers confidence to know, for example, that if it says ‘British’ on the label, it’s British in the packet,” Paice said. “Lots of food companies already do this, but it’s about spreading that good practice and I’m delighted to see the food industry come together to commit to these principles.”

The Principles of Country of Origin Labeling code will formalize and strengthen the information provided by companies on the origin of their meat and dairy products. Championing the practices of the best performers and bringing others into line will reduce confusion and ensure improvements in both the quality and consistency of origin information for all consumers, he said.

Food organizations that have signed up to the principles of the code include the British Retail Consortium, British Meat Processors Association, British Hospitality Association, Dairy UK, Food and Drink Federation and Business Services Association.