ORLANDO – Results of new consumer research commissioned by the National Chicken Council (NCC) indicate demand for chicken products in foodservice and retail segments is growing.

According to an online survey conducted in early June, most of the 1,004 adult consumers represented (86 percent) ate a chicken-based meal or snack from a supermarket in the past two weeks and slightly fewer (68 percent) ate a chicken meal or snack form a foodservice outlet. Participants in the survey also indicated a desire to be more informed about chicken products being sold and food safety concerns are a priority when they make purchases.

Results of the survey were presented July 24, at the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit.

According to the research, 89 percent of consumers are craving more information about the chicken they purchase, including freshness, cooking instructions and clarification of label claims. Fifty-seven percent of respondents rely on labels to find that information, the survey concluded.

“Consumers are asking for more transparency and information that will make them confident in their chicken purchases,” said Tom Super, NCC’s senior vice president of communications.

Food safety is also top of mind when consumers purchase chicken products, the survey revealed. It concluded that when questioned, consumers are more concerned about food safety than in previous years and efforts to address concerns have a positive impact on buying decisions.

The popularity of chicken is expected to continue, as 29 percent of consumers in the survey expect to purchase more chicken at retail and 19 percent anticipate eating more at foodservice outlets. According to the survey, reasons for the projected increases included chicken’s versatility and convenience, with health benefits ranking lower.