SIOUX CITY, Iowa – Seaboard Triumph Foods (STF) announced on June 15 that it plans to add a full second shift to its new pork processing facility in Sioux City, Iowa by mid-October.

The company projects that after a ramp-up period to reach full second-shift production the new facility will employ 2,000 people. A second shift has been running on a limited basis since May while the remaining hiring and training continued. At full two-shift capacity, the facility will process 21,000 market hogs daily.

“We are extremely thankful and proud of the entire team who has made this moment possible. With their commitment and dedication to make first shift fully operational, we all are looking forward to the second shift ramp up,” said Mark Porter, Seaboard Triumph Foods chief operating officer. “We’re also grateful for the continued support from the community and local and state leadership and officials.”

The processing facility opened on Sept. 5, 2017. The plant produces a full line of fresh pork products for retail, foodservice, international and further processing markets. Seaboard will sell the pork under its PrairieFresh Premium Pork and Seaboard Farms brands. The plant will also supply Daily’s Premium Meats, which is jointly owned by Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, with raw materials for its raw and precooked bacon products.

“We are so appreciative of the collaborative efforts with the regional hog producers who have helped supply our plant,” Porter said. “Continuing to build new and strengthen existing relationships with those producers is very important to us.”

Seaboard Triumph Foods reiterated that approximately 30 percent of the market hogs at the Sioux City plant are sourced from regional farmers who operate in alignment with Seaboard Foods’ and Triumph Foods’ animal care and environmental stewardship practices. The remaining hogs are supplied by Triumph Foods producer-owners and Seaboard Foods’ farms.

STF is a joint venture owned equally by Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods, which was formed to construct the new pork processing facility in Sioux City. Seaboard Foods is a subsidiary of Seaboard Corp. with a pork processing plant in Guymon, Oklahoma. Triumph Foods is owned by pork producers with a pork processing plant in St. Joseph, Missouri.