Operation 3
Crew consist of volunteers, state leads and, if necessary, a member or members of the executive team. 

Next level


OBR and its partners continue to move forward and develop the mission to feed those in need further. About two years ago, OBR moved beyond waiting for the next disaster to strike and started a program called A Day of Giving. The mission to feed large groups of people remains, but OBR has taken mass feeding to another level.

“It’s a day in a community. It’s a day that impacts someone or some group,” Hays says. “When we look back over the last 18 months, we’re doing probably 40 percent with military/veteran involvement where we were doing engagements that were around a veteran cause or an active military, cooking on base, for a group.”

Hays says the executive team also looks at what they can do regarding the fight against hunger. Last year OBR served around 20,000 meals between Thanksgiving and Christmas in 12 different communities throughout the US. The people who received those meals did not have access to a hot meal during that time without OBR.

“We’re going to solidify a couple of programs that we’ll build out, but we’re going to put more structure around them where we will do more veteran military events,” Hays says. “We will start with that. At the end of May we launched two new trailers that will change how mass feeding is done in the field.”

May of 2018 saw Seaboard give generously in support of OBR’s plan to expand its mission to feed those that are hungry and in need.

“We’re also pleased to announce additional dollars to support the operation and maintenance of the new Operation BBQ Relief Command Center trailer that made its debut on May 25 at a Day of Giving event in Maryland,” Eaheart says.