WOODLAND, Calif. – SunFed Ranch, based in Woodland, California, announced on June 13 a new line of hot dogs and sausage that are uncured, natural and made of 100 percent grass-fed beef. 

The company will offer three different flavors of grass-fed beef including hot dogs, smoked beef jalapeño hot links and smoked beef sausages. 

According to the SunFed Ranch press release, the company only used meat that was American family-raised, grass-fed cattle that have been humanely and ethically treated and raised with no antibiotics or hormones added. There were also no additives, preservatives, or artificial ingredients, and no added nitrates or nitrites. 

“Focusing intently on the needs of shoppers in our category, we created a great-tasting hot dog with the lowest sodium and highest protein in the market,” said Matt Byrne, co-founder and president of SunFed Ranch. “Those health attributes are important to us and our consumers as we curate new clean ingredient product lines that are delicious, convenient and sustainable.”

SunFed Ranch also sells other sustainably-raised beef products including bone broths, deli meats, burgers, marinated meats and heat-and-serve products.