LA FARGE, Wis. –  Organic Valley, a leading cooperative of organic farmers, has launched Organic Valley Deli Meats.

The cooperative has been producing meats without antibiotics, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides since 1996 under the Organic Prairie brand. The company said the name change to Organic Valley means greater consumer brand recognition for the deli meat line.

“Busy, health-conscious families want organic options for a quick lunch or snack,” explained Ellie France, brand manager. “These are Organic Valley’s first branded meat products. And we do it right — delicious offerings with no binders, fillers, carrageenan, or added nitrates or nitrites.”

The products are available in seven all-organic varieties including uncured ham, smoked turkey, roast turkey, 100 percent grass-fed roast beef, roast chicken, pepperoni, and summer sausage, the company said. The deli meats are free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides and GMOs. The newly branded deli meats have an SRP ranging from $5.99 to $7.99