SMITHFIELD, Va. – Smithfield Foods provided detailed information about the company’s programs and innovations around food safety and quality in the latest installment of its 2017 Sustainability Report. TheFood Safety and Quality sectionis the third release of Smithfield’s 2017 Sustainability Report, following Animal Care and Environment.

“Smithfield has a strong companywide culture of absolute food safety responsibility, which aims to assure that food safety and quality is owned by every person, every day,” said Stewart Leeth, vice president of regulatory affairs and chief sustainability officer for Smithfield Foods. “We continue to strengthen our culture through top-level commitment, day-to-day best practices, ongoing improvements, and innovative processes.”

Smithfield identified food safety and quality targets that include no incident requiring a recall and maintaining Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certification at all applicable facilities. The company also has adopted a food safety initiative “…that builds upon the company’s philosophy that all employees have a role to play in making safe, high-quality foods.”

The company also noted investments of more than $50 million in capital projects that enhance food safety and quality along with production efficiency.

Investments around products include $25 million for a new line of meal kits sold at retail stores and reformulated products with all-natural ingredients and the introduction of a new product category of fresh, never frozen, meatballs.

“We’re focused on making high-quality food that continues to earn the trust of our consumers while meeting an increasing desire among the public to know more about how our products are made,” said Kenneth M. Sullivan, president and CEO for Smithfield Foods. “Demonstrating transparency about our products, and what goes into making them, is key to our success.”