BANGKOK – Exports of US bone-in beef to Thailand have grown 8 percent since the resumption of bone-in beef exports to that country in 2017, the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) of the US Dept. of Agriculture said in a recent Global Agricultural Information Network (GAIN) report.

The agency expects US beef exports to Thailand to be at 10 percent with a value of $5 million for 2018, driven by extensive marketing activities in the country. The FAS in Bangkok collaborated with the Washington, DC-based US Meat Export Federation (USMEF) to officially announce the market launch of US bone-in beef in November 2017 during a reception held at the US Ambassador’s residence.

More than 200 executive chefs, food and beverage managers, foodservice representatives, retailers, caterers, importers and media attended the event which served US-produced tomahawk steaks, rib eye, and slow-cooked braised short ribs.

“The event and its message that US bone-in beef is back in Thailand received excellent media coverage
which served to increase awareness of and interest in US bone-in beef products,” FAS said in its report. “Media of this event reached an estimated audience of more than 20 million people and generated media exposure valued at more than $123,500.”