Retail hams include more branding and additional labeling compared to foodservice hams.


Labels and Design

Packaging plays an integral role in companies’ compliance with regulations by carrying a product’s label. Packaging not only ensures safety and provides a creative canvas for marketing and design, but is a vehicle for the label. Labeling and package design can occur simultaneously or sequentially, depending on product, company, engineering, team, etc.

“Some of this strategy is still in development, but we are focused on determining the best package first and then validating the labeling to make sure we are bringing a quality package with aesthetically pleasing labeling to our end customer,” Perrier says.

Hormel Foods looks at packaging and labeling as more of a single decision that incorporates both elements. “Packaging choices and labeling go hand in hand,” Hendrickson says. “Both must be able to attract your target audience, as well as attract new customers to your product.”

Spokowski emphasizes the importance of purposeful creativity in package design. The graphics, design, presentation and the products overall presence on the shelf must come together to drive repeatable purchase intent in consumers, “to make sure that the experience that they are taking in is an enjoyable one that they want to share with all of their family.”