Adding whole grain to batter and breading systems is one of the latest trends in better-for-you formulations

Breadings and batters

The ingredients that go into breadings and batters are also being scrutinized by label-reading shoppers, in particular those who regularly buy chicken nuggets. Adding whole grain to batter and breading systems appears to be the leading trend in better-for-you, clean-label formulations. When working with whole grains, there are a number of factors to consider, including the fact that whole grains tend to have a shorter shelf life than refined flours because of the oils found in the bran and germ, thus an antioxidant may be required. They also differ in their moisture absorption level and hydration rate, which can impact bake and fry times and temperatures.

Eliminating gluten from product formulations is a growing clean-label trend. For the most part, meat and poultry can be readily processed to be gluten free. Some seasonings and binders may contain gluten, but there are plenty of gluten-free options available.

There’s no doubt that more and more organic, natural and gluten-free meat and poultry products will continue to roll out into the marketplace. Ingredient suppliers are making this possible through their clean-label options. After all, clean label is the new norm.