SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — JBS S.A. made a commitment with Greenpeace on Sept. 23 regarding the basic criteria to be followed in its operations in the Amazon biome. The company has adopted the policy of Zero Deforestation in the Amazon within the entire supply chain and will now reject products originating from properties involved in the occupation of indigenous land and protected areas.

As a result, JBS cattle and beef products will only be sourced from ranches or rural properties committed to adopting a reliable production traceability system, including environmental demands to eliminate deforestation. The company plans to communicate these requirements to its suppliers. Those who do not comply will be excluded from the company's supplier list, JBS said.

In explaining its recently reached agreement, the company explained it has given special attention to social and environmental matters since starting business in the 1950's in Central Brazil. Its raw material depends on the environment, and the preservation of this is fundamental to JBS. The company's commitment with nature, which represents the continuation of its business, goes beyond the current regulation and reflects voluntary and pioneering actions in the sector, the company said.