PHILADELPHIA – With Opening Day approaching, Aramark is introducing some new meat dishes for baseball fans to enjoy during the 2018 baseball season. The company will feature taco trios, franks and sandwiches in eight Major League ballparks.

During the offseason, Aramark worked on developing dishes that would match local food trends with so ballpark consumers could enjoy a better eating experience when they went to watch their favorite baseball team.

“Food has become a major player in the fan experience and that increased role is a motivating factor for us to continue to enhance our menu offerings each season,” said Carl Mittleman, president of Aramark’s sports and entertainment division. “Ballpark food has come a long way. In addition to doing the classics well, we’re focusing on driving quality, increasing healthy options, making it convenient and providing personalization for our guests.”

Here are some of the new menu items Aramark is introducing for the 2018 season.

Click here to view the slideshow for all the dishes that will be served at MLB stadiums.