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Butterball Foodservice has introduced premium turkey thigh bacon to its product lineup. The company said the new variety is made with premium thigh meat and has one-third fewer calories and 60 percent less fat than pork bacon.

“Different types of recipes call for different cuts of meat, so we’ll continue to grow our turkey portfolio to provide choices for operators,” said Heather Ness, marketing manager for Butterball Foodservice. “Our new turkey bacon is absolutely delicious and versatile to work in every daypart, giving diners another better-for-you alternative to one of their favorite foods.”

When releasing the bacon, Butterball also mentioned some recipes people could use for its new product.

• Country Fried Turkey Waffler: Honey-flavored candied turkey bacon and turkey filets that have been battered and fried top Belgian waffles in a Southern-inspired brunch option that combines savory, sweet and spicy flavors

• Empire State Bagel: Turkey bacon is cooked to a crisp and combined with smoked turkey breast, house-made watercress cream cheese and more for a modern twist on the New York bagel club

• Ugly Tomato BLTT: To go beyond the traditional BLT, turkey bacon tops mixed greens, heirloom tomatoes and sliced turkey breast on toasted focaccia bread spread with avocado mayonnaise

The company said the premium turkey thigh bacon could also be a side dish, topping or an ingredient in dishes.