ST. LOUIS — Solae has introduced Supro Nugget 173, a multigrain nugget that is comprised of 60% soy protein and 40% multigrain (rice, oat and barley). Solae used patent-pending technology to create the nugget, which has been shown to work in a variety of products, including bars, snacks, baked foods and cereal.

Through testing in its sensory science program, Solae found consumers indicated an overall liking of 7.3 on a 9-point scale for a multigrain protein bar product concept using Supro Nugget 173 and that 60% of consumers said they would be “definitely” or “very much” interested in purchasing the product concept.

Another Solae new product introduction, the Supro Nugget 570, is 90% protein on a dry weight basis. It has been shown to work in such applications as nutritional bars, snacks, baked foods and cereals.