Tender Belly recently launched two new bacon items.
Tender Belly, a Denver-based pork and bacon brand, rolled out two new bacon flavors: Java blend and Sugar-Free.

Java Blend features heritage breed natural pork that is dry-cured in Tender Belly’s signature rub. The java stands out with a bit of coffee to enhance the flavor. All the bacon is then smoked with cherrywood to seal in the taste.

For the Sugar-Free Bacon, the company decided to go with bare-bones ingredients. All that’s included is the heritage breed pork, salt, celery powder and spices.

“We’re disrupters in the pork space not because we want to be, but because we know that consumers are searching for a better product and we’re here to deliver it,” said Tender Belly founder Shannon Duffy. “We founded our business on our obsession with making great bacon and a passion for heritage pigs from Iowa that are naturally grown with no antibiotics, no hormones, no gestation crates and no nitrates or farrowing crates.”

Tender Belly also added hardwood smoked and seasoned pulled pork to its product line up. The meat is sourced from Berkshire pigs and infused with a smoky barbecue flavor.

Tender Belly products can be purchased on its website or in select restaurants and retailers in Arizona, California, Colorado and Texas.