TORONTO – KFC Canada has reopened the KFC Cooking School to consumers. In 2017, all sessions of the KFC Cooking School sold out.

For 2018, the hour-long classes will be held in Saskatoon and Halifax, and will be returning to Toronto. KFC fans will have the opportunity to prepare and cook their own KFC chicken. KFC cooks will discuss the ingredients used to make KFC chicken except for the company’s proprietay “11 herbs and spices.”

“While the secret recipe will be kept under wraps, customers will still take away buckets of information,” said Stephen Scarrow, senior marketing manager, advertising and media, KFC Canada. “Last year’s Cooking School was a world-first, and we're excited to continue feeding fans’ curiosities and teaching them the Colonel’s way.”

KFC Canada will use the classes as an opportunity to inform customers about the source of KFC chicken. Samantha Redman, CMO at KFC Canada, said “Canadians want to know what goes into the food they eat, so we’re proud to open up our doors and show them everything there is to know about KFC’s famous fried chicken.”