BRISBANE, Australia – SPAM is returning to Australian small screens after a prolonged absence.

The online commercials are intended to demonstrate that Spam can be more than a cold sandwich filler by associating the product with Australian barbecue. The series of online ads features The Spam Man, dressed in a meat suit and standing behind a hot grill loaded with slices of Spam.

“The brief was simple. Sell the sizzle,” said Jaynee Dykes, senior brand manager for Spam International. “Spread the word about the sizzle that makes your mouth water. Encourage people to cook the Spam in their cupboard, and then of course, buy another one.

“The team did a great job translating the global, ‘Sizzle Pork And Mmm’ platform into Australian barbecue culture to show people a new way to enjoy this versatile meat in a can.”

Clemenger Brisbane created the online ad campaign to raise brand awareness and reach consumers beyond loyal fans.

“Australians clearly love to BBQ, but we can get overly passionate and a bit over-the-top about it,” said Cristian Staal, creative director of Clemenger Brisbane. “We realized that Spam fans feel the same way about their beloved brand. That’s where our guy with his perfectly-grilled pinstripe suit comes in.”