Product Center
The online 'Product Center' allows users to search for meat products that meet certain nutritional profiles.
WASHINGTON – Consumers and health professionals looking for meat products that meet particular nutrition profiles can now do so with the help of the new Product Center from the North American Meat Institute (NAMI). The online resource categorizes products into popular nutrition profiles such as “low fat,” “reduced sodium” and “American Heart Association Certified.”

 “There’s no question that American consumers are enthusiastic about the great taste of prepared meats but may not understand the excellent nutrition in these convenient products,” said Barry Carpenter, NAMI president and CEO. “Companies offer a wide array of choices and we are eager to help share these many options with our meat-loving consumers so they can make items like deli meats, bacon and hot dogs healthy parts of their balanced diet.”

 The NAMI Product Center catalogues more than 1,500 products in 12 prepared meat categories that are lower in sodium or fat, American Heart Association Certified, natural or organic. Product categories include bacon, bologna, corned beef, ham, hot dogs, jerky/snack sticks, pastrami, roast beef, salami, sausage and sliced turkey.

 The Product Center is easily searchable for consumers and health professionals seeking more information about specific products or brands. Most products also include a link to the brand’s website. In addition, each category page features general nutrition information and links to more resources about each product.

 The Product Center can be found on NAMI’s meat and poultry nutrition website at The site also includes details on the various nutrients found in meat and their benefits in the diet, a research library featuring more than 100 studies outlining the nutrition benefits of meat and a meat nutrition quiz.