The meat bars will be available in 290 new locations.
TUCSON, Ariz. – DNX Foods, the maker of grass-fed beef and bison bars, announced on Feb. 26 an agreement with Sprouts Farmers Market to put its product in 290 locations nationwide.

Three of DNX Foods’ bars were incorporated in the initial deal, including two grass-fed beef products, Sweet Potato Pecan and Mexican Style Seasoning, and one grass-fed bison product, Jamaican Style Seasoning.

The bars also contain organic fruits and vegetables, including dates, sweet potatoes, goji berries and coconut oil. The product is made using only clean ingredients without preservatives. They are free of gluten, hormones, antibiotics and added sugar.

“Sprouts is a company whose healthy living lexicon is believable, reliable, and demonstrable, and the opportunity to partner with them is an important affirmation of the story that we’ve been telling for over a year,” said John Rooney, founder of DNX Foods. “Working with them to maximize choices for their valued customers now means that we can tell this story together, about a culture of nutrition where quality and convenience can mutually, and naturally, co-exist.”

Before inking the Sprouts deal, DNX Bars were available online as well as at 200 retail stores across the United States. The bars can now be found in more than 500 stores.