Sokolow Group announced it will purchase the Gzella Meat Group.
RANDERS, Denmark – The Sokolow Group, a Polish meat company and subsidiary of Danish Crown, announced plans to acquire one of its leading competitors, Gzella Meat Group.

According to Danish Crown, the acquisition of Gzella will be executed based on a conditional investment agreement. Sokolow also said the intention of the agreement is to bolster the market position of the company and their brands in Poland and other international markets. Gzella Meat products will be added to 39 distribution centers and 51 Sokolow stores.

 “The acquisition of Gzella Meat Group is another step to meet these objectives and it will enlarge the potential growth of the Sokolow Group remarkably,” said Boguslaw Miszczuk, president of the management board of Sokolow SA. 

 The Gzella Meat Group was founded 33 years ago in Osie, Poland, where the main plant remains today., The monthly capacity of the plant is 6,000 tons of product.

 The group employs about 1,000 workers and runs its own logistics facilities and a network of nearly 250 stores operating under the Delikatesy Mi?sne Gzella brand. They are mainly located in northern and central Poland.

 “Sokolow is an industry investor with vast experience and the most advanced know-how in the industry,” Miroslaw Gzella, founder and main shareholder of the Gzella Meat Group said. “Thanks to the investment of such a reliable partner, the business I created will gain the necessary resources to strengthen our competitiveness and efficiency even more, and it is a priceless impulse to create innovative growth and expansion into new markets.”