Perdue Fresh Cuts
SALISBURY, Md. – Perdue Farms recently released a new type of packaging for its chicken called Fresh Cuts.

The company says the boneless, skinless chicken breasts come diced or cut into strips.

 According to a release from Perdue, the Fresh Cuts “save home cooks up to 30 minutes on meal preparation and cleaning time by providing high-quality chicken that is pre-cut and diced to perfection.”

 The products are available at retailers now.

 The Fresh Cuts product also falls under Perdue’s “No Antibiotics Ever” program, meaning each chicken is raised entirely without antibiotics. In 2016, Perdue Farms announced the final step in the elimination of all antibiotics in the company’s chicken production complete with the removal of animal-only antibiotics. Perdue was the first major poultry provider to eliminate antibiotics used in human medicine from its chicken production two years ago.