Kari Underly, a third-generation master butcher, is heading up the project for Range Partners.
CHICAGO – Meat clerks looking to expand their knowledge about meat – how to cut it, cook it and sell it – can now learn from a new online certification program. Range Partners, a Chicago-based meat research and consulting group, led by Master Butcher Kari Underly, recently unveiled its Range Meat Academy online certificate program, developed for meat-cutting professionals.


The first online course will be the Range meat clerk certificate program. The certification program is made up of 16 courses designed to give clerks the chance to feel comfortable with beef, pork, lamb and chicken products.

The classes are divided into three Range meat clerk certificate sections: 

•    Range Meat Clerk Meat Essentials Certificate (RMC101). This certification includes five courses and covers customer service and meat basics knowledge, including characteristics of primals and subprimals, recognition of the various types of cuts in the meat case, and instruction on how to use meat as an ingredient (slices, cubed, ground meats). 

•    Range Meat Clerk Cuts & Features Certificate (RMC201). This certification includes eight courses and provides students with a strong knowledge base regarding the identification and merchandising of the multiple cuts in the meat case. It helps students identify the individual cuts associated with beef, pork, lamb, and chicken, understand cut attributes, and recommend cut substitutes and proper cooking methods to customers.

•    Range Meat Clerk Cooking Methods and Preparation Tips Certificate (RMC301). This certification includes three courses on assisting the customer with choosing the right cut, recommending proper cooking methods, and understanding and suggesting flavor profiles using rubs, pastes, and marinades to match the cut and cooking method.

Each one of the certifications can be taken separately. Videos, study aids and infographic are among the educational tools includes with this program. Students can check out the rest of the details at the Range Partners website.